Whether you are just starting out or transitioning into retirement, we offer financial planning and wealth management services for individuals at any stage of life. Our objective is to provide our clients with the tools and resources necessary to achieve their goals, while minimizing risk, taxes and expenses. We pride ourselves on freeing our clients from the complexity and anxiety of trying to properly navigate the global equity and fixed income markets.

As you work with Midwest Capital Advisors you will notice that we often wear multiple hats to help you reach your financial goals.

The Expert: Now, more than ever, investors need advisers who can provide client-centered expertise in assessing the state of their finances and developing risk-aware strategies to help them meet their goals.

The Independent Voice: In a world full of product pushers and salespeople, you need an independent and objective adviser that will sit with you on the same side of the table.

The Listener: The emotions triggered by financial uncertainty are real. We listen to your concerns and provide practical, effective solutions.

The Teacher: Getting beyond the fear-and-flight phase often is just a matter of teaching investors about the relationship between risk and return, diversification, the role of asset allocation and the virtue of discipline.

The Architect: Once these lessons are understood, we become an architect: building a long-term wealth management strategy that harmoniously fits each person’s risk appetites and lifetime goals.

The Coach: Even when the strategy is in place, doubts and fears inevitably arise. At this point, we become your coach, reinforcing sound principles to keep you on track.

What We Do

At Midwest Capital Advisors, our goal is to simplify your financial life. When you work with our firm, you no longer have to worry about making smart financial decisions. We are committed to a financial planning process that creates and delivers strategies tailored to the objectives and concerns of each client.

Our team of CFP® professionals will help you:

1) Get Organized

Your financial house may or may not be in perfect order. Do you have old statements? Can you access your accounts online? Not sure what to keep and what to shred? Need a system going forward? No worries. We’ll help you get there.

2) Explore the Possibilities

Now that you are organized, we can start thinking about the future. You may not have a clear idea of your financial goals. Together we’ll explore what can be, and what the plans may entail in pursuing various savings scenarios.

3) Develop Strategies

Now we know you. We know what is important to you. We will leverage our experience and resources to develop ways to help you achieve your retirement goals.

4) Recommend, Prioritize, Implement

You’re the boss. We work for you. We’ll illustrate how our recommendations further improve the path toward achieving your stated goals. We will help you prioritize what is most important to you and how to implement the recommendations.

What We Offer

We can provide the following services:

Personal balance sheet

  • Assets, liabilities and total net worth
  • Summary of investments, real estate, and/or business assets

Cash flow analysis

  • Current income review
  • Current expense analysis

Risk Analysis

  • Review current insurance policies
  • Current expense analysis
  • Recommend changes or additional coverage

Employee Benefits

  • Analyze current employer’s benefit package
  • For our business owners we will assess whether your current type of retirement plan is optimal for you

Investment Planning

  • Create an investment policy based on current and recommended savings rates that will provide the highest probability of meeting your goals, while taking into account your time horizon and risk tolerance
  • Ongoing management of investment accounts

Retirement Income Planning

  • Guidance in establishing a retirement income goal
  • Determine appropriate savings rate
  • Review projections based on recommended portfolios
  • Coordinate distributions from personal investment and retirement accounts

Tax Planning

  • Identify strategies to minimize taxes and maximize tax efficiency
  • Develop tax-efficient distribution strategies for retirement income needs
  • Coordinate strategies with existing tax adviser

Education Planning

  • Prepare a projection of future college costs and required savings
  • Create a plan to accomplish educational goals for your children or grandchildren

Estate Planning

  • Review current wills, trusts, POAs, beneficiary designations, and titles to property to ensure they are in line with your goals
  • Coordinate with existing estate planning attorney